I Will Always

January 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Singing along and telling a story all about the nights that never end. Writing down memories — letting the pen whisper sentiments she’ll never send. It’s the first time, the first time she finds is hardest, when she cries.

Tapping a pen and writing a song all about the days full of sin. Singing about the forgotten — letting the words promise closure she’ll never give. It’s always the last time, the last time she finds is saddest, when her tears cry, too.

The days and nights are too much. Shadows rise under the sun or moon. Swallow down the light; it’s a fire of blood and rage. Feel free to spit it up — can’t stop the burn. Scream into the night, sing along. Laughter and love are the wickedest mendacity she will live; it’s a fire of blood and rage.

Higher and higher, block after block, floor after floor. Flying to the depths of the deepest sky, she falls further into the yawning nadir of Hell. She catches the shining stars, they shine for her. She sends them speeding down. Down and burning, they still shine for her and she hates them more.

She thirsts for something new; an ache eating her through. It’s a fire of blood and rage. Finally, she lets go — falling with her stars (they shine for her) she sings alone with the end. She sings about nights that never end with days filled with sin. She sings about a thirst that just won’t depart and a soul that won’t die.

With each foot closer to the cursed earth binding her, caging her, to eternity, she thinks she will always shine with the stars. She will always ache and hate and live.

“I will always—”


Day 8 – 365 Stories


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