Under Cover Of Smile

February 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Grossly involved in past and time,
living with reason, on broken dime.

Searching and needing, wanting.
Mistakes that stay, still haunting.

Survival, felicity, the need.
I try for you, just you. Lead.

I have discrepancies. Faults.
If you stay – that life halts.

Let me plead… I won’t.
If you go… please, don’t.

Turned about and scared.
Confused… here, I’m bared.

What can I say – what can I do?
I’ve got to stop, think this through.

The wound… will still be fresh,
in ten years’ time under aging flesh.

If you go… if you go will you return?
Or will this union slowly adjourn?

To hell with rhythm, to hell with flow.
I need you, I do – please, don’t go.

I need you. Don’t go. I’ll change and shift.
Don’t board. Don’t fly. Don’t drift.


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