May 20, 2013 § 3 Comments

Is it the pleasure or the inclination?
Press the button. Of course, we know.
It’s the ride and the front.
Oh, it’s a helluva lasting show.

We’ve got the disguise. We’ve got the screen.
Vanity is immodesty is superiority
to quality, to that unassuming nature,
we find filled with such inferiority.

It’s a run on… and on and on and on
that stops when the on does end.
We play out these images
that our whims tend to lend.

And Romeo told Juliet
with her very last dying breath,
“I’ve seen the green mile
and kittens stand abreast.”

We swallowed our blood
on cinnamon string. Sniffed rubber
much like cocaine while laughing
at some glorious, southern blubber.

Outlandish and viral — it goes horribly wrong.
Someone dances a dance and how amusing
when a song is sung to dance with the pride.
Somehow, disgrace seems suddenly confusing.

The world is laughing (we are the world, too).
Fraudulent courage knows much less shame.
We are what we aren’t (never)
and that’s the beauty of national fame.



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