The Melody

May 31, 2013 § 2 Comments

Somewhere a note was plucked, began to ring,
and I thought if I could learn to sing…
if I could carry a tune sweeter than mild
I might not sound so much a broken child.

I learned a note. I learned a chord.
I learned so much more than I could afford.
I could key a sound and I could strum;
so, I raised my glass to the drum.

I was dancing to my own wild beat.
Who knew you knew the placement of feet.
Who knew the world knew what I knew
and we were all playing it through.

I wrote my own lyrics, wrote my own tunes.
I sang until my voice was in bitter ruins.
I picked up the trumpet. I mastered the flute.
I even learned to play some pitiful, old lute.

I learned the sounds of a thousand delusions
and to mimic the sanity behind my confusion.
I laughed aloud for all and in silence, I cried.
I lived as if the melody never died, never lied.

Then from somewhere a voice rose across the winds.
I heard the desperate cries only despair lends.
I picked up a pen and I put it to paper.
That fresh rhythm was a crisp new caper.

I thought, if I could learn that spoken word,
I might honestly — truly and really — finally be heard.
Across that page, a broken child darted.
And over it began. And over it started.


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§ 2 Responses to The Melody

  • Very nice. I especially liked the lines “I learned the sounds of a thousand delusions
    and to mimic the sanity behind my confusion.” Seems that’s what we do to cope

    • I’m sorry, John. This didn’t seem to show up until recently. That or I’ve missed it, which is most likely.

      Thank you for the response. We do mimic to cope. I imagine, in some ways, this is how a normality comes to be – something that most do, though it may or may not be truly normal.

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