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Alina Cathasach is a writer specializing in creative fiction in a wide variety of genres but focused on horror and light fantasy.

You know what happened? I woke up one morning and I looked at my computer.

She said to me, “When you bought me – a million years ago – you promised I would aid you in the crusade for great writing. Now look at you, working as a freelance designer and reading other people’s writing with a wistful longing. You sicken me and I’m ashamed when I’m turned on for you.”

I was abashed, to say the least. I ran off to my room crying like a baby. After I had a temper and threw my toys across the room, I sat down and thought about it. A few hours later, I discussed an idea with Acomnena, she’s the computer, to which she replied that I should most certainly begin right away.

Now, here I am. Writing again and secretly insane.

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    I survive the daily onslaught of self-criticism and, thus far, I still write something every day. Obviously, I can't grow as a writer without having written some things inadequately. I take personal growth as a bragging right.

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