Writing Specifics

The writing you see on this blog comes from a thought. They’re written as a thought and remain unedited. I write these stories and pieces of poetry as a way to remain involved in activities outside of any current projects. They serve to let my imagination breathe and to lead my fingers stray should the tips become a bit stiff.

If you’re curious whether the pieces shown here will ever be edited and polished, the answer is likely no. This is a place where I bare my conscious mind to the very essentials of naked punctuation and vulnerable grammar. Everything I post here is raw and untouched – I plan to leave it as such.

While I would never send a naked piece to an agent, publisher, or serious candidate (it’s just generally bad practice to present naked writing to the people who want to market you), I do maintain sometimes it’s okay to be as human to your readers as it is to be human to your writing. I’m not ashamed to admit everything I write isn’t perfect. I’m not ashamed to share raw, unedited versions of my imagination with my readers.

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